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Into the Warehouse

Warehouses and Warehouse operations have become an inevitable and critical part of all successful supply chains these days. Efficient management of warehouses, which includes managing their locations and sizes, gives companies a distinctive edge in its ability to fulfill orders and deliver goods efficiently, in the least possible time.

Supply Chain has become the most important part of retail businesses. Globally, demand for efficient Supply chains is at an all-time high and experts predict its continuous rise. Given this, having the right warehouse setup and management is imperative to keep a business’ supply chain running smoothly and efficiently.

For a layman, a warehouse is just four walls (Godowns) within which goods are stored. But today Warehouses have evolved far beyond the “ Godown” concept. The setup and design of warehouses depends on multiple factors like the nature of goods, the number of SKUs, the kind of supply chain, seasonality, logistics considerations etc. Additionally, concepts of environment friendliness, use of alternate energy sources, operating health and safety have also become very critical to the warehouse designs. A well designed warehouse system acts as a backbone of an efficient supply chain.

Why Radiant?

Being one of the top premier logistics service provider based in Kolkata, Radiant warehouses are built specifically for your needs and requirements. We provide customized warehouses which are built to international specifications and the highest quality and safety standards. Choosing Radiant for your warehousing and logistics services needs, will never leave you disappointed as you can count on us for lean, quick and efficient operations and can save your time and money. We offer you unique supply chain and logistics solution, which will keep your business on top.

We assure you full security for the goods you entrust us with, in our warehouses ensuring safety and avoiding wastage. Our customized storage systems and use of advanced material handling systems ensures virtually zero in-warehouse damages. Built to international standards with state-of-the-art safety systems, our warehouses significantly reduce the loss of material due to fire or other usual natural calamities. Our warehouses are statutorily fully compliant, thereby virtually eliminating all statutory risks.

At Radiant, we believe that while we need to adopt global best practices, we also need to offer unique customized solutions suitable for local conditions.