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Logistics: The Science and Art Of Transportation

Ever since logistics found its position in the early 1950s, the significance of transport management has been growing exponentially. The key element in logistics is the transportation systems that carry goods from one place to another.

Not only does the customer want his goods delivered efficiently in the least possible time, but he/she also wants to track it throughout its journey. With the globalization of the supply chain, goods now must travel safely over much larger distances using multiple modes of transport before reaching the final destination.

Multimodal transport systems require strong back-end IT and administration support to keep things running without glitches.

In India, last mile deliveries across different regions and towns require thorough knowledge of transportation networks and local conditions in these regions and towns.

Running successful transportation also requires a pool of skilled and committed Truck drivers.

All the above factors go towards making a good and reliable transport system.

Here are some facts to know:

1.In totality, an approximate 8.5 million trucks of all shapes and sizes ply on the winding roads and highways of India.

2.The Indian market size for logistics is estimated around $220 billion, such that the expenditure on logistics out of share of the total GDP is 13%.

3. The logistics market in India is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 10.5% between 2019 and 2025.

4.The truck population in India is developing at a pace of 15% every year, taking the present number to more than 2,000 trucks for every million populace

Radiant Transportation benefits your business in numerous ways;

Commitment of delivery times:

Every cog in the Supply Chain depends on the deliveries of material.  Radiant, with its vast network and experience, commits the shortest possible delivery times.

Transport Network:

Radiant has one of the best transportation networks in the Eastern India.  Currently delivering to over 600 towns, Radiant will deliver wherever you want it.

Boosting your productivity and efficiency:

Radiant will transport your goods at the lowest possible cost thereby enhancing your savings.  With its own mixed fleet Radian offers you the optimal transportation solutions.

Back-end systems:

Radiant has advanced back-end processes and IT systems to ensure realtime information on the status of your goods in transit.

Let’s Talk Future:

The evolution of technology is pushing boundaries and changing how the world does business today. Due to the leverage provided by technology, all aspects of supply chain and logistics have to constantly change and innovate.  This means that goods transportation does not just mean moving goods from one place to the other.  It has become a complete package for the customer which includes elements driven by technology like route optimization, fleet optimization, real time vehicle tracking and reporting, productive maintenance of fleet etc.

The future of transportation is indeed very exciting and Radiant is a part of it.

Wouldn’t you want to be a part of it too?