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Staffing & Management Services – Recruiting Long term Assets

It is universally acknowledged that Human resource is one of the most critical assets for any organization, irrespective of the industry it is serving. It is also a reality that with more and more opportunities being available, it is becoming increasingly difficult to retain good human resource assets within the organization for extended periods of time. HR functions across organizations spend a lot of their time and energies to design and implement effective retention strategies.

On the other hand, the relentless need for the recruitment of employees has created an urgent need to constantly churn out more potential candidates, run them through long selection processes and finally, to take them on roll. Additionally, the statutory obligations that come along with the addition or separation of each person adds to the overall cost for the organization.

It is this scenario which spawned the growth of staffing agencies that specialize in fulfilling the staffing requirement of an organization. They not only provide them with adequate qualified candidates to select from but also take on the statutory responsibilities of such staff upon themselves by keeping them on their own rolls. Big Staffing organizations have thousands of employees on their rolls that are actually deployed at the sites of client organizations; they provide a lot of flexibility to the clients, who just need to give them the required numbers and the required profiles.

An effective Staffing organization also needs to have extremely effective HR and administrative functions since it is the actual employer of all the off-roll assets and as such, responsible for the growth and development of the assets. While the ability to provide suitable candidates at the shortest possible time is always an essential objective, the administrative tasks involved in onboarding the candidate to the organization is also equally important. Similarly, handling the separations, conducting exit interviews and getting across the feedback to the parent client organization is also equally crucial. It is imperative for the staffing agency to constantly engage with the HR function of the client and work towards retention, development and growth of the off-roll assets. This saves costs for both organizations by increasing employee motivations and improving retentions.

Recent global trends and a shifting economy have created a high demand for skilled and reliable employees, leading to a particular need in the areas of third-party payroll service providers. However, finding suitable candidates for required positions can be challenging. Staffing and Management Services help companies fulfill their requirements while limiting the risks and also providing access to a larger database of candidates at minimum cost.

India is currently considered one of the most attractive markets for staffing with an estimated worth of INR 368.7 billion (USD 5.2 billion) in 2020.The Staffing and Management Services Industry in the county has grown at a rate of 20-25% per year in the past five years and does not show any signs of slowing down. The significant flexibility and support that Staffing & Management Services offer companies as well as employees make it a highly viable field.

Radiant is proud to be a part of this growth story by offering extensive and expert Staffing & Management Services. Our off-roll Staffing and Management Services are available at all levels to make sure that positions at every layer are filled. Off-roll Staffing & Management Services enable companies to save time and money that is otherwise spent on recruitment and management, and focus on accelerating their business growth.

Radiant boasts of an extensive database of candidates that are constantly updated to ensure the best possible fit. These processes are also supported by customized HR Application Software to ensure an extremely satisfied and productive set of employees. A seasoned player in the Staffing Management Services Industry, Radiant has an unparalleled record when it comes to delivering only the best services to their clients.


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